One thing, one step at a time...


The universe is sending me a message today – 3 times this morning to be exact!

And that message is simply…slow down.

I have been waiting for a few things to happen and the waiting is certainly testing my patience. Yet, there is absolutely nothing I can do except wait.

So here’s the thing…when you give yourself the time in your day to slow down, stop and bring your attention within, you meet with an inner peace and hear the whispers of answers you are searching for. Your intuition guides you to the next step and you realise that you don’t need to know anything beyond the moment you are in. Besides, your intuition can only ever guide you from the here and now.

However, this doesn’t mean to take no action.

But it does mean that it’s better to focus on just one step at a time, one thing at a time – because realistically that’s all you can do anyway.

And what I’ve also found by slowing down is the contrast. When you rush, you miss the moment you are in because you are forever anticipating your arrival in the next moment. And this is when your ego takes over and you are overwhelmed by the chaos of your thoughts. And that's never a good thing!