“Thank you for the wonderful gift you gave to me today. You gave me the power to get my life back and make it MY life. I am so very grateful to you.”

Susan K

Comments by Joanne Antoun - creator of the CTC

“Within the space of one short hour, David allowed me to freely think about and reconcile what I’m passionate about with what I’m good at. In coaching me to ‘play’ a little, I was able to finally verbalise why I’m starting out in my own business and how my higher purpose is going to help me achieve my goals both personally and professionally. He did this with humour and grace and I can’t thank him enough. I now have a clear road map for my business – a definite a-ha moment.”

Jo B

“My growth as a CEO is in no small part due to your coaching and guidance. Had you have told me when we started, how much I would grow as a CEO, I really would not have believed you.”

Grant K

 “I want to say thank you for all your support & your assistance this year. It was a mammoth year for me from the beginning of the year with a seed of thought and finishing the year with a business and two new qualifications. Thank you for your guidance in the blind spots it hadn't even realised were there! I'm so appreciative of your wisdom, kindness and generosity.”

Elisha W

“After many sleepless nights a friend referred me to David. Within three days my nightmare was over. With David's knowledge, help and expertise he guided me on the correct procedure to tackle the problem as well as took part in implementing the plan. Thank you David for all your help… If you ever have a customer that wants a referral on your company, I would love to tell them how wonderful, helpful and amazing you really are.”

Lisa G

“Thank you so much for the opportunity to work with you recently on uncovering my passion and purpose; and helping me to clarify how that can be channelled into my version of a successful business and life…Through our four sessions together I feel that you were able to lead me through a series of processes to uncover key aspects of my personality and ensure that they underpinned my business model and mindset moving forward with planning a successful business on my terms…Your skills and approach have definitely enabled me to gain clarity and perspective, and uncover those aspects which for me to have a successful business are absolutely paramount. It has been a pleasure to work with you.”

Claire B

 “David has become a true asset to my business. He is not only a trusted adviser, a great listener, a calming and logical thinker and a creative genius but treats my business as his own and cares about its and my welfare as a business partner and friend. I see David as a life long investment and would happily recommend his services to anyone who is looking to get their business working for them again.”

Katie Knight - Respect Search & Selection

“David is an excellent, caring and compassionate consultant and coach. He helped me to design the business in a way that served my needs and also gave great results and extra value for my clients. Now I am working with David again to help me clarify my business and keep myself accountable for my actions to take my business to the next level.”

Kylie R


“Recently I did a CTC session with David and I want to let everyone know that the session was amazing. It is a very full on 2 hours and we covered a great deal of ground which did leave my head reeling for a few days before I had processed all the changes and information I gained.

I learned some things about myself and have watched as I have been able to make new choices to change old patterns and behaviours. Was it worth the investment, the time, the trust in David? YES. Thank you David.”

Hannah C

“It was wonderful meeting with you yesterday and I found that I walked away feeling really "confident" with what I now need to do. I am going to take all your advice on board and have already moved in a positive direction this morning.”

Tania T

"It's been an amazing several months together, David. The investment I made in ME by hiring YOU was far and away among the best business decisions I've made. I don't need to tell you that it was a massive leap of faith for me to do it in the first place…No matter what happens with this business (or businesses which may come after it) the lessons I've learned are lessons which will stay with me for a lifetime.”

Michelle G

“Every now and then we all meet people who give us a light bulb moment – or more than one. It could be about work, it could be about life. It could be about both…I met up with David Solomon for a chat today, and light bulbs were flashing left, right and centre as we talked over a cup of tea. The sky may have been grey but suddenly it was a much, lighter, brighter shade. When you talk with David there’s a real sense of universal energy around him, which envelopes you and engages you. If you’re looking for a light bulb moment too, do get in touch with David. You’ll be glowing with ideas afterwards!”

Sabrina F

“The work we did is so powerful and I continue to refer to it. I feel strangely more confident about what, how and in what way I do this thing called business.”

Kathleen C

“Sometimes it’s the smallest observation or comment that can lead to a breakthrough and propel you to the next level. Over the course of just a short time with David, that is exactly what I found and my business has taken off into the stratosphere.”

Karen R


I’d like to express my sincere heartfelt appreciation to David Solomon, for his professional & empathetic approach to my therapy. 
Some of my issues I had have been built up over my lifetime & were very complex. David was able to create a therapy session that addressed those issues & I am delighted to say that I am once again enjoying life because of David’s life changing therapy - you literally saved my life.
Thank you for you ongoing support & brilliant work you do.
Forever grateful

Cheree M

“I am so grateful to David that words can't say enough what he has done for me. I hired David for his 6 month program and didn't look back since I took the leap and am now continuing to hire him as I know my business wouldn't be where it is today without him. I went from having my passion as my hobby to making it now into a full time career directly due to David's support & guidance. He is nurturing, soulful, practical, wise and goes beyond what anyone could expect from a business coach. Thank you David with all my heart to yours!”

Lauren J

“I needed to revitalise my business, get energy back into it and change the way I was managing my staff…I was totally burnt out…The biggest thing for me personally was to find my passion again…Your guidance has definitely opened my mind up to so much more.  This is the first time in over 10 years that I can now see a life outside...On a personal level David has assisted me to develop enough courage to move forward and step out to embrace a new life after a personal tragedy.”

Michelle M

 “Unlike other consultants that I have dealt with that have cost me money with limited upside, the decisions David advised me to take had a definitive material value. I can honestly say decisions that I made, due to strategic advice from David, added considerable value to my business.”

Adam P

“When I met David I was all talk, talk, talk - conceptually very sound but commercially fragile. As he says, he enables you to sustain your business performance at your highest level. It is in the esoteric areas however - as a person, confidante and mentor - that the x-factor lives. David doesn't just talk with you, he walks with you. I have been lucky to have worked with him.”

Daniel S

“A 90 minute session with David Solomon is like finding the key to unlock your business soul. David is patient and understanding and above all takes the time to delve so that you will see for yourself what you really want to achieve. This session is not only about your business but your lifestyle and how they fit together so you can achieve maximum results all round. Thank you so much David."

Fran D

David is an exceptionally competent and wise business leader. He has an incredible breadth of talent as a producer, facilitator and all round creative business consultant. With David’s support and guidance I was able to create and launch my entertainment company with confidence, professionalism and with a much more comprehensive vision than I could have conceived of without his guidance.”

Francine L

“Someone I respected introduced me to David. By the end of that first meeting, we had established a level of knowledge in both our businesses where we could actually have conversations of a material nature.  That impressed me as I was not interested in being purely philosophical or conceptual (as some ‘coaches’ are prone to be when they try and help). Since that meeting in 2003, David and I have worked closely and now years later I consider him a business partner, not merely a coach or a good bloke. I fully recommend using David to assist you move forward as an entrepreneur.”

Andrew W