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Welcome! What I’m really excited about is helping people like you to live a life that you truly love and definitely deserve!

David Solomon - Holistic Mentor and Master Therapist in CTC - Combined Therapy Cocktail

I am dedicated to helping as many people as possible to reclaim their life, to take back their power, to re-ignite their passion, to get more out of life and to transform their lives for the better. 

If you want to…

  • Let go of all the things that are holding you back from being the best version of yourself
  • Uncover your passion & purpose
  • Release your soul goals
  • Find your authentic voice
  • Step into your power
  • Build a higher purpose life or business
  • Look good & feel great

Then join me on this exciting journey. You deserve it!

Let me help you heal the past, live in the present & create the future you desire. 

I'm ready to be free and want a CTC session with David NOW!

Transform yourself with a CTC

Transform yourself with a CTC

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The Founder of CTC-Joanne Antoun-talking about David

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Firstly, you’re probably not happy with where you are at and you definitely want things to change. You might be fed up with feeling anxious, overwhelmed and stressed – you want to be happy, inspired and peaceful.

After years (even decades) of not looking after yourself properly, not aligning with your truth, not paying attention to your body’s whispers and not addressing your true needs, you probably can’t see a way out and feel well and truly stuck.

Perhaps for you it’s issues with your health, your body, your weight, illness, or food leaving you flirting with fatigue, depression, and malaise. You want to get really healthy so you look good and feel great. 

You want to let go of stuff and get clear. Perhaps it’s lingering trauma, anger, pain, or resentment. 

Maybe it’s an inability to figure out your life passion, purpose or Soul Goals. It might even be you getting in your own way when it comes to business success or holding you back from being the best you can be.

You might be running a small to medium business, or working at a job but dreaming of having control of your own destiny. 

You could be pursuing your passion and trying to work out how to make money at it without selling your soul.
Maybe for you it’s all about getting back a quality of life with enough time for yourself, your family or your passion.


If you could free yourself from everything holding you back from being amazing - all of your fears, limiting beliefs, negative emotions – you would, wouldn’t you? You deserve to feel empowered, happy and ready to conquer the world…

Imagine if you could get rid of all the uncertainty, fear, and suffering and instead get back in beautiful, pin-point alignment with your true inner compass…

Imagine being happy, healthy and free…
Imagine stepping into your power and living the life you dream…

Perhaps you need a new approach? 

I need to do something new because what I’ve been doing isn’t working