Do They Know Its Christmas

A client of mine moved earlier this year from a small commercial kitchen in an industrial area to a much larger commercial kitchen with a fabulous shop front display and client meeting/display area.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment

So this is the first year she has had to think about a Christmas display.

She was very excited by the choices. Should she go for a 2 metre fibre-optic moving reindeer? Or a Santa that lights up and sings while gyrating his hips? Or the large inflatable snow globe with a constant flurry of snow inside? And of course how could she pass up elf hats for her team and the basketball sized baubles?

She was like a kid in a lolly shop!

And isn’t that just what we want our businesses to he like too? Don’t we also want that when a client comes in to see us - or even when we go to see them - they are thinking “Ooh I must have that…and that…and that!”

How can you design your business and sales processes to have this effect?