This is perhaps a bit deep and meaningful, but perhaps ALSO it might resonate with you. and just maybe there is something you can learn to ease your way…

My health journey

I was feeling burnt out and exhausted. I was super-stressed, in a state of perpetual overwhelm and my performance – to be kind – was abysmal. I was feeling my age and could no longer do everything I wanted to do. I was starting to feel the effects of being over 50, overweight and unhealthy.

My son (a personal trainer and a boxer) introduced me to a world class nutritional cleansing system that has literally turned my life around. Not only did I donate 28 kilos back to the Universe in way less than a year, I kept it off! And I also have my mojo back :-D. I’m totally revitalised with bags of energy – and sleeping so much better too. More importantly my motivation and zest for life is back to where it used to be when I was in my 30's.

I have what I need to perform at a high level over the long haul and that’s why I’ve set a goal to help a million people (or more) over the next 40 years to live a life that they truly love – healthy, happy and looking & feeling good.


In September 2014 I went for a long walk with my spiritual mentor. In that moment it became so very, very obvious that I was carrying a great deal of “stuff” along with me – stuff I didn’t need. As an example I took along a bag with the essentials I thought I might need for our planned “walk and talk”. Today I can laugh at the things in that bag. When I unpacked it that evening I even found a good supply of lint – how symbolic!

It was the beginning of my letting go.

During the year I studied flow closely in an effort to get closer to it. I learned that flow comes from loving yourself and loving what you do. That when you pursue your Soul Goals you get into flow. I came to understand that flow is about recognising your own magnificence and spark of the Divine.

I also discovered just how much your thoughts and beliefs have an effect on flow.

The conclusion was therefore, that if there were any blocks to flow, it was me that had put them there!  In moving more and more into flow I found that I was actually clogged! Clogged with so much “stuff” – physical stuff, emotional stuff and spiritual stuff.

Here’s another blinding flash of the obvious I came across along the way - we live in the experience of our thinking which is variable moment by moment, not our actual circumstances. Any conclusions we may make about our lives or the world based upon that fundamentally false premise, no matter how logical they may seem, are therefore inherently false as well. 

So I concluded that I could no longer focus on the effect – I had to focus on the source of flow instead. And to stay completely open as to the way flow is received. This would require a consciousness of cause (spirituality) versus a consciousness of effect (materiality). And that’s where the concept of Soul Goals was so useful to my cause.

In order to do that, I would have to release many things. I would have to surrender the control I had so jealously protected for so long. I would have to stop living in the past and worrying about the future – rather to live in the present moment. I would have to jettison the physical “stuff” that was crowding me out of my house. I would have to liberate ineffective programming and limiting beliefs. I would need to discard the false sense of identity created by my ego and the various “roles” I had taken on.

This would need to be what I termed a “multi-level cleanse”.

All the stuff, the baggage that I’d been carrying around with me had created great inertia for change. That’s physical stuff, ideas, concepts, memories, imaginings and fears (especially fears). So how was I to shed all of this? One box, one idea, one experience, one emotion at a time. And like a snowball rolling down a mountain it would pick up speed as it went. It was time to let it all go and make way for the new – and yet the original, the authentic – me.

Some of the things on my list to relinquish included: 
•    Complexity
•    Old emotional scars
•    Spiritual baggage
•    Unresolved issues
•    Blame
•    Judgement
•    Justification
•    Comparison
•    Negativity
•    Excess weight

So my 2015 guiding “word of the year” was becoming quite apparent. It needed to be one of the many synonyms that indicate letting go. Eventually I decided on the word “SURRENDER”.
I chose SURRENDER as it is a passive process of just letting go, releasing and setting myself free. There is nothing I need to DO – this would be just another thing on my To Do List adding to my overwhelm. It is a path of least resistance.

Of course I realised all of this letting go would bring up an array of fears e.g. If I let go of who I think I am, what will be left? If I let go of control, what will happen? My only option has been to face these fears head on. After all, if it hasn’t been working as well as I’d like so far, what’s the point of doing the same thing again? 

But as Einstein said, the thinking that created the problem is not the same thinking that will be needed to solve the problem. Clever man. And Victor Frankl said that "When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves." 

Learning to surrender has possibly been one of the hardest lessons. It has meant letting go of control. Letting go of order. Letting go of everything I thought was right. Learning to be comfortable with vulnerability. Letting go of specifying what, needing to know how and determining when.

And yet the solution is actually simple... 
...I choose to feel peace - and peace has become a way of life. 
...I do not need to know - and so I know. 
...I first love myself, feel love and radiate love - and love is mine in every way.
...I am grateful and appreciative for all I have - and more is coming my way. 
...I FEEL what I want – I don’t pray or wish for anything.
...All I have to do is let go and trust.

I’ve realised that my treasure is in my heart and that living from my heart gives me FLOW.


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