Here's just a small sampling of the people and businesses I've helped...

michelle green - Three Sweeties

Where were you before you met David and where are you now?

When we met, I was running my own custom cake business but struggling to do so. I'd lurch from week to week concentrating on each order but I really had no clear idea of the bigger picture, or how to move things forward. I was doing okay, but it was really time to take things to a more serious level, as I also knew I wanted to grow the business to sell it on. Now, I've since sold that business and started another one, but this time with an entirely different mindset, since I learned and grew so much during my time working with David.  These days I run my new business and I use a lot of the knowledge I gained from him to help guide and educate people in my industry.

What was going on that made you want to take on a business coach?

Working by myself, I felt I'd lost perspective on things. I really wanted the insight and knowledge of someone with a different perspective. Although I am a hugely driven person, I also thought having someone there to whom I could be accountable would help me to realise my plans a little sooner.  Emotionally I was equal parts frustrated with my progress and yet overwhelmed with how much I felt I had yet to do. I had grown very tired of treading water! 

Why did you choose to work with David?

From our first conversation he made me feel very comfortable - and our personalities just 'clicked.' He was not the first coach I had spoken to, but he was the first who I felt I could work with. I am strong willed and skeptical about lots of things (and I question everything!) and some people cannot handle that. I always felt like he took my questioning (and doubting) in his stride - he would consider my position on things, explain his position, and then work with me to find a solution that took the best of both of those. It really felt from the very beginning more like a partnership than a traditional coach/client relationship.

How would you describe what David does to someone who could benefit from it?

I'd say that he encourages, teaches and supports female business owners to be better versions of themselves and therefore to own businesses which are better managed as a result of that knowledge and encouragement. 

What specific results have you seen in your business?

On a practical level, I drastically changed the running of my business, got a lot more control over things, put in place systems and processes which I really needed, and learned a enormous amount about both myself and business. I really felt that before I worked with him I was in business accidentally - it just sort of happened! Once we'd worked together I felt a lot more focussed and organised. Specifically, I saw my plan to the end and I sold the business. I've also felt confident enough to enter into a new business venture, which is something I didn't think I would do after selling that one.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about working with a coach?

I'd say that you need to see it as an investment of time and money rather than just an expense, and that the investment needs to be whole hearted. You can't expect that the coach does all the "heavy lifting" for you - they are there to guide and teach, but ultimately it's your business and you've got to be willing to put in the work to change and grow.  Change and growth are not always very comfortable or easy things to do, especially if you've been struggling along on your own for a while. I knew that hiring a coach was as much about what I put in as I took out. I would also say that you need to do your research - find a coach who suits your personality type. Don't dismiss coaching as an option just because you meet one you don't like. It's a close, honest relationship you are forging with that person so you really need to be on the same wavelength in order for it to be successful.

Has this been a good investment for you?

Absolutely. In all honesty it was a scary investment - a lot more money and time than I thought I could spare, but I knew the time had come and I had to do SOMETHING to get my business secured for the future.  I could no longer tread water.  I could feel (and see) the benefits from very early on in the coaching as well.

What is the biggest win from working with David?

The knowledge and support I got from our coaching relationship has stood me in great stead.  I knew that what I learned from David was not going to only last for as long as I had that specific business and I was right. The lessons I learned apply today to my new business, and the "Bigger" things we discussed (such as purpose and direction in life) still shape my personal life.

What would you say to someone who was considering working with David?

I'd say that working with him was one of the best - and hardest - decisions I ever made but that the investment paid off far more than I could have imagined.

lauren jobson - love life with lauren

Dearest David,

How does one express the depth of gratitude to you without feeling that there just isn’t enough words to say a meaningful enough thank you.

Here I am with a buzz in my body that is a result of the pride that I feel in relation to my achievements. Today is a monumental day!

6 months ago, before I started my coaching with you, I didn’t realise that my passion was only, and had only ever been, a hobby, because I was hardly making any money at all from what I knew was not only my passion but also my purpose.

In my initial session with you I just felt that what you had, was exactly what I needed, to actually make my passion into a business (and didn’t I ever take a leap of faith financially!). I had no idea how I was going to pay for your services but I felt so comfortable and trustworthy of you that I felt in that moment if I could just trust myself, this would be worth the jump.

I am writing this to you exactly 6 months into our coaching together and I can write this with immense pride that my passion is now not only easily my full time career that supports me making a living from, but I am actually earning more than what I have made in the last 5 years combined.

Since I started my working career, I have always had to get “small & non passionate” jobs on the side to pay the bills while I pursued my passion. Now I can say I will never look back and I know so congruently that I will never have to work for anyone else again. That is just so exciting and freeing to say the least! Who ever knew I would get here and it could happen within 6 months of focus.

David, your coaching to me is so much more than the material gain I have made. Sure, I now am financially successful in my eyes, I have a revenue plan, marketing plans set out, new branding, a fantastic, clear and exciting business model mapped out that inspires me and amazing systems in place because of your guidance. And I have so much more than this.

I am connected to my spirit and I have a business that is aligned with it. I have been nurtured and supported so profoundly & respectfully by you that I have loved every moment of challenge and growth for me. You have taught me that my business is an extension of who I am and to make sure that when we talk “business” you actually mean we are talking “everything” – such as; is this truly making me happy, is this really reflecting the best of me right now, what do I need to improve in myself first so that my business can shine through? You haven’t just been my Business Guide. You have been my angel – my Life guide if you like.

You have taught me how to be easier on myself, how to forgive myself & nurture myself and to take the pressure off. The amazing sessions we would have that would lead into deep and meaningful conversations and I believe they allowed us to feel that we were both developing our spirituality while we worked together.

The time, wisdom, thoughtfulness, care, due diligence, utter most respect, integrity and energy you have given me still makes me feel you are continually by my side or you have my back in all the challenging situations I have come across and am still yet to face. This is treasured by me so much.

I am so lucky to have said yes to you while that was really just saying yes to success for me. With all my heart, I’m so grateful for this journey with you and I look forward to our next chapter together.

Lauren xx

Elisha wildblood - nourish nurture shine

What was your situation before you started working with David?

Having just started a business 6 months earlier and often finding myself in a constant sense of overwhelm about how much was involved and how much I needed to get done, I often spent hours spinning in circles. I feel so passionately about what I do and a big part of me believed that was enough but I soon realised there are essential skills and understandings you must gain in order to be effective. When starting your own business there are so many hats you must wear on any given day and it is easy to invest your precious time on unproductive tasks or just get stuck. That was me!

What was your experience working with David?

David provided me with a sturdy platform and helped me get so much clearer on my vision and what exactly my business is all about. He provided me with invaluable tools and resources that were tailored to exactly what I needed. In fact whatever issue or problem came up throughout our session he had the perfect tool or resource to assist me with that. I loved that he really took the time and careful consideration to find out what was at the heart of my business and my passion and essentially me. This meant I felt understood and supported. David also managed to trigger my own creative thinking so I could see things from a different perspective which was incredibly helpful.

What has changed for you?

I feel like I am so much more aware of what I need to do to move forward and I am much clearer about my own vision and purpose. I am putting the tools and resources David provided in to action on a daily basis and seeing what a difference this makes.

What has that meant for you personally?

Personally I feel more in control and I feel I have more clarity and direction. As this business comes from such a personal passion I feel that everything that can improve my experience with my business brings me a huge sense of personal satisfaction. This in turn means I’m more able to balance the fine line between my work and family life! I feel I have the tools in my tool kit for issues that arise.

What specific results have you seen in your situation?

I have a much better sense of how to plan my working day in order to make the best use of my time. I also have a fantastic method of planning my bigger goals and ways to make sure I'm heading in the right direction within my day to day actions. I have also managed to get crystal clear on what it is I do and what I offer to my clients and found a way to articulate that to potential clients in a way that draws them in rather than confuses them (as was the case before).

What would you say to someone who is thinking of working with David?

If you are looking for someone who offers a wealth of knowledge, along with a huge dose of caring and warm support and a huge amount of invaluable resources for every thing you may ever need, then David is exactly what you are looking for. He will help you see things with fresh eyes and get you moving in the right direction with a bag full of tools. He offers so much value and insight. I have really enjoyed our sessions.

Andrew Ward - 3 Minute Angels

Can you tell me a little bit about your business?

I have a number of businesses ranging from international staff hosting, to software development and sales, and of course my principal business - 3 Minute Angels - a mobile massage company.

What was going on that made you want to take on a business mentor?

I was commercially on the knife’s edge and personally distraught.

Why did you choose David?

Someone I respected introduced me to David. By the end of that first meeting, we had established a level of knowledge where we could actually have conversations of a material nature.  That impressed me as I was not interested in being purely philosophical or conceptual (as some ‘coaches’ are prone to be when they try and help).

What specific results have you seen in your business?

When David was helping me with 3 Minute Angels we chose the level of involvement he would have. Sometimes it was best for him to be a ‘sounding board’ to me as I worked through things. Sometimes we needed ‘all hands on deck’ and David was elbow deep until crisis was averted. Some 10 years later we are profitable and have delivered over 1 million massages since our inception.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about working with a coach?

You must find someone like David who can really understand the complex business inter-relationships at a basic operational level, that then translate to the ‘pay off’ in long-term strategy. 

What is working with David doing for you?

Since that initial meeting in 2003, David and I have worked closely, and now years later I consider him a business partner, not merely a mentor or a good bloke.

What has that meant for you personally?

David’s key skill is being able to listen, understand, think and then relatively quickly supply a model for communicating what it is I’m actually trying to say.  This skill means my messages reach my varying audiences (from bankers, to customers or staff) in such a way that they get it. I believe that David is unique in this respect.  I am now relaxed, much more in control and enjoying life.

What has that meant for your business?

Since that first meeting, David has assisted me in many ventures. Depending on what has been needed, David has helped create business plans, actively recruited the right team members, raised capital and debt finance and assisted with introductions wherever possible.  As I said, I see him more as a partner in my business than anything else.

Michelle Mills - Serviced Offices International

Can you tell me a little bit about your business?

Serviced Offices International (SOI) is a boutique business offering serviced office facilities with a full support team backup in Sydney CBD, as well as a Virtual Office solution which offers outsourced reception services, CBD office address, meeting room usage and secretarial / administration support. Our uniqueness comes in the flexibility we offer our clients and the very high quality of staff we employ.

What was going on that made you want to take on a business mentor?

I had identified that I needed to revitalise my business, get energy back into it and change the way I was managing my staff, otherwise we would have continued to go backwards.  I also realised that I was totally burnt out; I had been working in the business for 10 years and had lost the passion for it. I could see that to revitalise the business I needed to change my position from a manager to a leader but did not know how I could do this and what systems and procedures I needed to put in place to enable me to make this change.

Why did you choose David?

I choose David as he had taken the time to really understand me, so that he was aware of my strengths and weakness before we even started and he took the time to get to the core of the problem, once again before even starting the coaching. 

What specific results have you seen in your business?

I am now leading instead of managing.  We have developed a new team that is being totally trained to the SOI standards and are now positioned for the growth of our revitalised business and excited about this change.  We have our set goals and vision which totally align to our company values, for the first time.  The company has now started to move forward.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about working with a coach?

It is invaluable to have this additional input from someone with expertise that can also see the business in a very objective manner, and to have the ability to brainstorm and get access to someone with valuable knowledge and experience.  However, it is also important to select the right coach for your specific needs and ensure that they take the time to really understand you, your business and what your purpose is.

What is working with David doing for you?

In working with David for 12 months, the biggest thing that it did for me was to find my passion again. As well, I really enjoyed the learning and growth that I am got from him.  As a business owner it is a real challenge to received effective feedback, support and assistance to grow.

What has that meant for you personally?

On a personal level David assisted me to develop enough courage to move forward and step out to embrace a new life after a personal tragedy, both through the business and on a personal level.

What has that meant for your business?

For the business we have new energy, new goals, confidence in expressing the company’s values and real conviction in the service and product that we provide to our clients.  In essence we have successfully revitalised the business.  The ground work is all in place and we are excited with our new journey.