David is an accomplished and sought after speaker.

With 30 years in HR, strategic consulting and running businesses, his business credentials are impressive.

Diversity is a good way to explain his background – ranging from time as a partner in a global executive search firm through to successfully launching 5 start-ups (not all at once!).

David understands what it takes to be successful and today he is seen by many business owners as the “business partner they have when they’re not having a business partner.”

He is a pragmatic strategist, coach and mentor who loves helping higher purpose people who want their contribution to make a difference.

He understands what it takes to make a business successful and unlike many other business coaches who merely offer advice from the side lines, David’s “hands on” approach of working alongside business owners IN the business gives his clients faster growth, smoother implementation and greater clarity – all in the shortest amount of time possible.

David’s counsel is delivered from a place of absolute respect for the different ways women and men conduct themselves both in life and in business. His commitment is to help women and enlightened men build what he likes to call a ‘Higher Purpose Business’ - one which is rewarding for the heart and for the purse. This is a business that serves your values by working for you, not you working for it.

His style has been described as “friendly and relaxed…he effortlessly makes the conceptual concrete”.

He also has another life that has revolved around the performing arts and is an in-demand author, presenter, coach & mentor.


“Your insights to the benefits of higher purpose's when connected to our businesses were very interesting and well received by the group. The tangible simplicity with which you shared your message was appreciated by our members. CBS would love to have you back to present if you can spare the time.”

Mark Magill, President, City Business SWAP

“I would just like to thank you for your fabulous presentation last night…Although I have only attended your presentations twice, I leave with a feeling of inspiration and "yes" I can do it. 
Just thought I would also share with you what Debbie had said to me as she has been to many mentor and coaching evenings, her words were "David is a real person, he had us engaged, and entertained,  and explained things in a way that set you thinking in a positive direction". 

Tania Teperson, Mod About Style

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