This page aims tells you a fair bit about who I am, the journey I’ve been on, where I’m heading, what puts a fire in my belly, what I do and my business philosophy. It isn’t the whole story – that would take far too long! However it is pretty diverse - and because I know not all of it may be of interest to you - I’ve split it into sections. Thanks for coming here to find out more :-D.


I've been in business for over 30 years and a business coach for over 15. I have personally lost nearly 30 kg and regained my health and vitality. Now I am a Holistic Mentor, a CTC Master Practitioner and I also coach people on health and well being. 

I help people to live a life that they truly love – a life full of passion, purpose & power, health, wealth, freedom & love.  

I love to help anyone that isn’t satisfied with their situation and wants to transform their physical health, their financial situation, their business or their happiness. 

My Story

From my childhood days I have always questioned why things happen and how they work. I loved to pull things apart (and put them back together again).

I had a good education although I wasn’t particularly challenged by the education system I grew up in, but I did develop an insatiable curiosity. This firstly led me to becoming an avid student of business, and then life.

About 10 years ago I had an epiphany about what I am here to do – it is to be a teacher. Then I had the challenge of working out what it was I was meant to be teaching, and to whom! I now consider myself a leading learner i.e. I first learn, then I teach.

I have transformed and reinvented myself many times over the years. Some of the things I have done have been concurrent and they include being:

  • a rebellious teenager and young adult
  • an army officer in training
  • a financial services executive
  • a corporate trainer
  • an executive recruiter and head hunter
  • a director and chairman of both companies and not-for-profits
  • a business owner
  • a music industry entrepreneur
  • a business coach & mentor
  • an actor and singer
  • a spiritual seeker
  • a husband (one wife, 32 years and going strong)
  • a father (3 adult boys)
  • an author and speaker
  • a CTC Master Therapist (CTC - Combined Therapy Cocktail™)
  • and many, many more.

But these are just the roles I have played – they don’t necessarily define who I am. I currently call myself a Holistic Mentor but the essence of what I am is still a teacher.

Having collected all these titles and a few badges & medals for the roles I’ve played over the years, I have now let them go as they do not define me or my life’s work.

So who am I then?

I am David Solomon. I haD a wealth of knowledge and experience in business & IN LIFE. I woke up one day and realised that my true purpose was to bring all that knowledge with me and live a life of flow and love - and then to teach others how they can LIVE A LIFE THEY TRULY LOVE.


  • freeing yourself of all that holds you back from being the best you can be

  • bringing your energy, your spirit & your power back into present time

  • doing work that revolves around your passion, purpose and soul goals so you do what you love and love what you do

  • Taking control of your health, improving your athletic performance, regaining your youth and transforming your body - so you can feel the best you've ever felt and live a life without limits

That's where your magnificence lies and that's how you build a higher purpose Life / Business - because that is the ultimate success.

Your Soul Goals are found in your seed, your truth, your authenticity. You’ll know them because you’ll feel compelled to take action, you’ll feel connected and you’ll feel joy. 

The Performing Arts

In addition to my business career I have had a parallel life in the performing arts.
I’ve been performing on and off stage since, as they say in the classics, I was “knee-high to a grasshopper”. I’m a singer and actor (but unfortunately not a dancer…yet). I have been involved with numerous musicals, plays, cabaret, TV commercials, short films and even a feature film. And I write a fair bit also.

It was when I looked for ways to blend my “business life” and my “artistic life” that I really tapped into my creativity. I realised that all businesses are a type of performance – operating on a “business stage” - and things went from there. I started working more and more with creative entrepreneurs and realised that I was in a unique position to facilitate outcomes for them.

I still do things in on stage or front of the camera, behind the scenes and in production. 

What is Quiddity?

Quiddity is what I called my business. Why? Well quiddity is the quality that makes a thing what it is; the essential nature or essence of a thing - literally its "what-ness" or "what it is". So Quiddity business is the "is-ness" of business.

And the best way to build your business successfully is to ensure it serves your Higher Purpose. This underpins my holistic approach. I believe that you can’t separate the person from the business.


  • Peace
  • Inspiration
  • Flow
  • Heart
  • Mind / spirit / body
  • Purpose
  • Passion
  • Business
  • Fun
  • Impact
  • Transform
  • Authentic
  • Balance
  • Vision
  • Love
  • Gratitude
  • Magic
  • Faith
  • In the moment
  • Ease



It’s easy to pull together a list of inspiring quotes – many books have been written on this basis. But I did want to share – in case you are interested – some of the more significant ones from the tens of thousands I have read that have influenced me and my thinking. You'll find them here.